Zipz featured on ABC’s Beyond The Tank

Official Show Synopsis:

Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban made a deal in season four with Dennis Iannotti and Peter Ferriera from East Providence, Rhode Island for their protein-packed peanut butter, Nuts N More. The entrepreneurs want to expand into mass-market retail and hope the two Sharks can advise them on how best to grow their business.

The enthusiastic Noam Krasniansky from Los Angeles is the ideal pitchman for his product, Bambooee, a “green” paper-towel alternative that Lori Greiner invested in during season five. Lori checks in with him to suggest how he might need to tone down some of that excitement before their QVC appearance.

When Kevin O’Leary made a deal with the Scarsdale, New York entrepreneur Andrew McMurray in season six with Zipz, the Shark saw the potential in the single-serve wine glass. Kevin sets a meeting with a hospitality giant, but first Andrew must find a co-packer who can produce a high volume of wine in the Zipz cup.