Our Product

Zipz state-of-the-art packaging is the answer to the single-serve wine and ready to drink (RTD) cocktail category. Revolutionizing the industry, and winning some of the top awards in the U.S. packaging world, Zipz first major innovation was in the wine category. Combining innovation with sexiness Zipz Packaging created an elegant, portable wine glass made from high-quality PET plastic that looks and feels like classic glassware, with a rescrewable top that pulls double duty as a highly protective coaster. The flexibility this brings to the life of wine drinkers is astonishing.

Today Zipz offers a complete line of wine and cocktail options for our customers. Our filling line is located at G3 Enterprises in Modesto, CA. Partnering with one of the worlds great packaging and filling companies assures us that every glass filled is at the highest possible quality. Our oxygen levels at bottling are below any Single Serve PET solution available anywhere in the world. If you want the BEST, this is it!!

Indoors, outdoors, behind doors, Zipz is compatible with any setting. Yes people, Zipz is your new best friend. It goes where you go. It saves you from the perils of wasted wine and money. It’s not safe to use glass over there? You want 100% recyclable? You want straight up deliciousness everywhere? Pass and share that Zipz Wine or cocktail.

Each and every Zipz glass is covered in a patented Clean Wrap™ that keeps the wine or cocktail fresh, the glass clean, and you happy, no matter where you are or where you choose to go. Zipz excused wine from the dinner table and now its doing the same for cocktail hour.

Treat yourself right. Prefer Zipz patented single serve technology today.

Our Story

Ever been to a baseball stadium?

Ever gone to the beach?

Ever enjoyed a picnic?

Ever had fun at a festival?

Ever gone out in public?

Well, J Henry Scott has done all of those things. And J Henry Scott knows what’s up.

J, being the observational boss that he is, noticed a fundamental issue in our society today and set out on a mission to fix that issue: wine isn’t offered everywhere. So, what did J do? J excused wine from the dinner table. Enter Zipz Wine.

CEO of Zipz Wine, J Henry Scott wanted to create a product that could suit the lives of the active, modern day individual. He knew that more and more people were starting to prefer wine as their adult beverage of choice, and he knew that these same people would appreciate premium quality; so J decided to make premium wine portable, and he decided his product would be different than the rest…and better. The world just deserved a little more luxury.

J had the vision, now it was time to have some fun. Not only would he present premium wines in highly quality durable plastic with the look and feel of a glass, he would also incorporate a rescrewable top that doubled as a coaster, perfect for any occasion or setting. The use of 100% recyclable, BPA-free materials wasn’t an option, it was a responsibility.

J demanded that the people deserved more flexibility to enjoy the finer things in life. They deserved the opportunity to stop wasting so much wine and money. They deserved Zipz. So J built the Zipz team, and the Zipz team rocketed his vision to astronomical heights, designing and creating a patented single-serve wine that ensures the wine stays fresh and protected until the perfect moment of consumption. It was time for Zipz to bring the people together and showcase a new world of possible settings and experiences to be enjoyed amongst friends and good company.

In just 10 months, Zipz went from a baller idea to an even more baller reality, with the first Zipz products delivered nationally in time for opening day of the baseball season. And now, Zipz is available anywhere you are. Unzip the experience.

Our Team


J. Henry Scott is an entrepreneur with a background in engineering. He has multiple patents issued and pending in the consumer products and packaging space. He also has multiple Trade Marks and both music and written works publishing rights to his credit. He brings the unique ability to improve the product lines he develops while being a CEO who can make the tough decisions needed to balance creativity, a cohesive team and a laser focus on investor return.

PAT SCIRE / President

Pat Scire is a 20-year veteran of the financial industry, where he served in a number of senior leadership positions throughout his tenure.

As trader and partner at Spear, Leeds and Kellogg, he oversaw the company’s NASDAQ division, a 450-person strong team. After Spear, Leeds and Kellogg was purchased by The Goldman Sachs Group in 2000, Scire remained as partner at Goldman Sachs before retiring in 2002. In November of that same year he started River Capital Associates, a holding company for a broad range of investments, including real estate, equity and derivatives, private equity, and angel investing.

Mr. Scire is also an avid wine collector and brings a wealth of industry knowledge of and passion for wine to his role at Zipz, Inc. One of the foremost collectors of fine wine in the country, his personal collection includes more than 17,000 bottles of rare wines, with a concentration on Burgundy and Bordeaux varietals.

ANDREW MCMURRAY / National Wine Consultant

Andrew McMurray brings 21 years of experience in the wine and liquor industry. He is a family member who runs Zachys Wine and Liquors. Andrew has vast global wine and spirits  resources and countless personal relationships. He will advise  on sourcing and strategic partner expansion.

DOMENIC DiPIERO / Board Member

Domenic DiPiero is President and Founder of Newport Capital Group, a national independent investment advisory firm. He is also President and Founder of Newport Media Holdings which owns The Two River Times. Domenic is on the Advisory Board to FGI Finance. He was recognized by Salve Regina University with an Alumni Achievement Award. Domenic is a member of YPO New York Chapter.


Louis Holder has more than 15 years of executive experience with leading technology organizations including co-founding Vonage. In addition, Louis has held the position of COO of ooVoo and as CTO at Narrowstep. Currently, he is CEO of Innovaci, Inc. Louis will advise on strategic planning, web and social media platforms.