Virtually Unbreakable. Customizable. Recyclable.

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The Portable Single-Serve Solution

Our high-quality plastic vessel looks and feels like
glassware…and it’s 100% recyclable! Our patented
CleanWrap™ technology keeps wine, spirits & cocktails
fresh and protected, along with a resealable screw-top
that pulls double duty as a coaster. But why’s that cool?
Well, you can take it anywhere.

The flexibility Zipz Wine
brings to the life of wine
drinkers is nothing short
of astonishing.

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Make it yours.

Expand your brand’s reach beyond the traditional wine bottle.
Partner with Zipz to create your own line of single-serve wines or cocktails.
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The Zipz Practicality

The answer to life: If you only want a
glass, why open a bottle? If you want red
and your friend wants white, why open
two bottles? Let’s do away with the
waste. No corkscrew? No problem.
Unzip your wine in a moment’s time.
Your wine glass has never been this
versatile or mobile. Let’s take the wine
experience to places it has never been
before. Let’s unzip the possibilities.

The Zipz Security

Have no fear: Your wine is safe.
A super advanced, patented
Clean Wrap™ keeps your wine fresh
and loved for up to 12 months.
Zipz is also designed for durability.
Want to throw some wine in your
bag or purse? Want to throw some
wine across the yard to a friend? Go for it.
Your wine is in the Zipz vault and
unzipping is the only combination.

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